Eventory.io Features

Eventory provides the features multi-channel sellers need to grow their business efficiently. Eventory.io is a modern efficient system to launch, grow and thrive your product based business. Both Online and Offline.

Multi - Channel listing

Eventory.io provides a reverse listing service for your channel products. This feature allows you to easily see where products are not listed, and take action to list them.
Eventory.io’s intelligent rules system ensures that product data is intelligently checked before being submitting to a new eCommerce sites so the eCommerce sites product listing rules are followed. In the case where no data is available for a product, the system will highlight the product and provide a link to update the (specific) product fields.
Eventory.io:Category / Style / Product optimized product management by providing hierarchical data for channel fields.This Structured approach lets you list items efficiently and is ideal for brands with regular launches of new styles of product (additional colors etc.)

Create Product Data easily

Product Management is an automated categorisation tool for your product data.
When you select a product category for an item, Eventory intelligently links that category to the related channels category, ensuring your listings are exposed in the channels searches correctly. Product Management also follows a hierarchical system to enable you to have to do minimal input to manage the maximum number of items.
The structure is as follows:- Category - Style (the style contains the common item used in a parent child relationship) - Product (The specific version/color of an item)
At each level, items can be made available online or removed from online listings by changing their active status. This will either remove the item from the channel listing, or set the product quantity to zero on the channel. This will depend on channel rules for removal of items.
The real benefit of this feature is that initial take on of products is simplified, as the style of product and the product inherit from their parents. So for example if you have 20 colors of dog collars, but they all retail at the same price, you only need to enter the description, features and other data once for the style. Then just add the color variations (setting any unique field values as needed (eg. special prices on a color) and the system will generate the listing from this data,

Fullfillment Tools

Eventory.io is built to make use of best in class fullfillment tools. This means that the hard work of choosing and implementing great solutions is done for you.
Eventory.io uses Ordoro for shipping fullfillment and you can choose from different levels of integration for your site.
Basic integration will provide you with Ordoro for production of labels and shipment information.
Advanced integration provides you with Ordoros inventory management solution to keep your inventory updates on different channels.


Eventory.io:Pricing assists you with pricing management tools to manage your sales and margins accross multiple channels effectively. Repricing rules are set in the Style data automatically from valid product costings and obeying your minimum and maximimum markup rules.


Eventory.io:Events helps you focus promotions on dates and channels for your launch and ongoing seasonal promotions. Our central planner calendar prompts you to assist with key dates. Add these to your own promotions calendar to optimize and structure your promotions.